Best Minecraft Survival Servers

Hundreds of Minecraft survival servers are available to select from. Continue reading to find out the two minecraft server list.

You're not alone if you can't get enough of Minecraft survival. Many Minecraft enthusiasts still prefer the game's classic survival mode. If this describes you, you may want to consider joining a new server. There are literally hundreds to select from, which is both advantageous and disadvantageous. While having some options is beneficial, having too many may be daunting. We've narrowed down the best two Minecraft survival servers to tackle this problem. PixelmonCraft and MineVille are our top selections. Learn more about these servers and determine whether they're perfect for you by reading on.

Please keep in mind that these servers are only for Minecraft Java Edition. This list may not work for you if you have different versions of the game.


Pixelmon is a Minecraft hack that adds Pokemon to the game. PixelmonCraft, one of the most popular servers, has this mod loaded. Pokemon from the Johto and Kanto regions exist on this server, which is based on the early games. Not only that, but the server hosts have recreated cities and regions from the original games with great accuracy.

Pokemon have taken the place of the original Minecraft creatures, which may now be captured and utilized in battles, even in tall grass. Gym leaders must be defeated, and Pokemarts must be visited.


Look no further than MineVille if you want to be spoilt with options. MineVille is a roleplaying server with a plethora of additional features such as minigames. If you're ready for a challenge, they even have their own Skyblock server. On MineVille, you may play the following minigames:

  • SkyWars is a video game.

Players begin on a floating island. Three chests containing blocks, weapons, and armour will be found on the island. Players must utilize bricks to access other islands in order to participate in PVP. The winner is the last player remaining.

  • Run with TNT

As players race across the route, TNT rains down from the sky. They're out if they fall into the abyss or are hit by TNT.

  • Money Battles

Money Wars is similar to SkyWars in that you spawn on a floating island. However, item generators and a shop are added in this version. Players can use a bed to respawn. The player is eliminated if they lose their bed and die.


You have a lot of choices if you want to join a new Minecraft survival server. Many players like the game's basic survival mode, and a slew of servers have sprung up to suit them. There is a lot of choice, which can be good and bad. Having a lot of options is fantastic, but having too many may be overwhelming. We've reduced it down to our top two recommendations for the finest Minecraft survival server for you: PixelmonCraft and MineVille. Please keep in mind that these servers are only for Minecraft Java Edition. This list may not work for you if you have different versions of the game.

PixelmonCraft adds over 800 Pokemon from Kanto and Johto to the game, which you may capture and battle with. Tall grass and faithful recreations of the cities from the original games are also there. There are even gym badges to earn, as well as a vibrant community to join.

Within MineVille, there are several minigames to play, including their own SkyBlock server. You'll never run out of things to do with games like SkyWars, TNT Run, and Money Wars. Many people choose to play on this Minecraft survival server.

What are your thoughts? Should other servers have been included? Which Minecraft survival server do you like to play on? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Best Minecraft Survival Servers
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